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Lifestyle counseling

Counseling & Coaching

Energy healing is a therapeutic practice that aims to restore balance and harmony within the body's energy systems. Through various techniques such as Reiki, acupuncture, or chakra balancing, practitioners work to remove energetic blockages and promote overall well-being. By tapping into the body's subtle energy, energy healing seeks to support the body's natural healing abilities and enhance physical, emotional, and spiritual health.



1242 N Eola Rd

Aurora, IL 60502

Counseling & Coaching Session

Counseling and coaching services for individuals and couples provide a supportive and confidential space to navigate personal and relationship challenges, promote self-discovery, and enhance overall well-being. With a collaborative and solution-focused approach, these services offer guidance, tools, and strategies to foster personal growth, improve communication, and cultivate healthy relationships.

60 min one-on-one/couples


Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive coaching offers a unique blend of intuitive insights and practical guidance to support individuals in achieving their goals and personal transformation. Through intuitive readings, empathic understanding, and tailored coaching techniques, this service helps clients tap into their inner wisdom, navigate life choices, and create meaningful and fulfilling lives.

45 min


Twin Flame Spirit Chat®

A Talk Session beyond coaching to guide you, sort out confusion, determine your next steps and help you to understand the nature of the connection. Learn your color ray, your angelic lineage. When you have had an awakening, or feel overwhelmed, please start here! I can distinguish a soul mate from twin flame energy. Far beyond a tarot reading and will help you to be precise and guided.

60 min


Psyche Subtle Body Session®

This session addresses the Psyche Subtle Body, targeting deep-seated traumas like abandonment, inner child issues, loss, phobias, and abuse. Designed to complement talk therapy and medical care, it tackles deep-rooted problems, requiring a minimum of four sessions for effective integration and healing.

60 min


Cosmic Heart Reconnection®

This session connects you to your higher self and true love, clearing past blocks. It goes deeper than past life regression, addressing issues like abandonment and betrayal. Ideal if you feel stuck, unenthusiastic, or disconnected, helping to rejuvenate your inner 'manifestor' and regain lost feelings.

75 min


Spirit Subtle Integration® Session

This session targets the Spirit, transitioning from ego-led to higher SPIRIT guidance, promoting healing and integration. Immediate improvement is felt, but three sessions are recommended for full focus and transformation. Ideal for navigating breakups, lawsuits, addictions, work challenges, and parenting.

60 min


Twin Flame Reconnection®

This session aims to reconnect your New High Heart with the Heart Chakra, aiding healing and ascension by addressing challenges like ego breakdown, upper body issues, and heart blocks. Using Twin Flame Body® techniques, we open your Etheric Body to clear past patterns. Conducted over three sessions, we offer tailored exercises and guidance for continued improvement, operating at a 5D High Heart Energy level to enhance Heart and Throat Chakra connections, facilitating a deeper bond with your Twin Flame's Etheric Body.

60 min


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