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Nutritional Cooking

Functional Nutrition

Functional nutrition tailors diet and lifestyle to individual health needs, emphasizing whole foods and understanding each person's unique nutritional requirements. It considers the roles of stress, sleep, and exercise in health and aims to prevent chronic conditions by addressing root causes. Consultations with functional nutritionists, often covered by insurance, can help explore the diet-health relationship.



1242 N Eola Rd

Aurora, IL 60502

Initial Consult

A functional nutrition consultation focuses on uncovering the root causes of health issues, involving a thorough review of the patient's history and lifestyle to create a personalized treatment plan. It also emphasizes educating patients to actively manage their health, fostering a collaborative approach for improved well-being.

60 min


Follow-Up Appointment

Functional nutrition follow-up visits help track progress, adjust nutrition plans, and offer ongoing support, ensuring the effectiveness of dietary interventions and identifying areas for improvement.

60 min


Review of Findings

The Review of Findings (ROF) session analyzes results from your initial consultation, such as dietary logs and symptom questionnaires, to identify health issues and inform your personalized treatment plan. This session is key for understanding and engaging in your health improvement journey.

60 min


Jump Start Package

The Jump Start Package includes an initial consultation, a 60-minute review of findings, a personalized treatment plan, and a follow-up session, offering a comprehensive and tailored approach to health improvement.

180 min



The Complete Gut Health/Heal Your Gut Package includes an initial consultation, a detailed analysis session, a personalized treatment plan, and two follow-up sessions, all focused on diagnosing and improving gastrointestinal health through tailored dietary and lifestyle changes.

60 min


Dutch Hormone Package

The Dutch Hormones Package provides a focused approach to hormonal health, including an initial in-depth consultation, a detailed analysis session, a personalized treatment plan, and two follow-up sessions to effectively address and manage hormone imbalances.

60 min


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