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Stacey Valle

Owner, Shamanic Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Tuning Fork Therapist

Stacey Valle is an intuitive energy healer, shamanic healer, Reiki practitioner, spiritual life coach, tuning fork therapist, color therapist, somatic breathwork coach, reflexologist, wellness consultant, R.N., and C.M.A. Her passion for metaphysical arts began early in life, growing up as a "Crystal Child" in one of the largest crystal shops in Northern California. With extensive knowledge and experience in crystals, energy work, sound healing, and more, Stacey is a being of light dedicated to helping others.

Coming from a lineage of Native healers to the Cheyenne tribe, Stacey's calling to become a healer was clear from a young age. Today, she works at a holistic wellness center, using her skills and certifications to work with individuals one-on-one. Her mission is to help awaken others to their true potential, guiding them through the healing and transformation needed to become the best version of themselves.

Stacey Valle
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