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Anais Salguero


Anais is a passionate and knowledgeable esthetician who specializes in holistic and natural skin care services. Her interest in skin care and health started in middle school when she was struggling with acne and trying out various products without success. Determined to find a solution, Anais pursued her passion for skin care by attending the G Skin and Beauty Institute in Oakbrook, IL, where she received her esthetician license and gained the majority of her education.

Anais found pleasure and passion in everything she learned and continued to seek out information even after graduation. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Anais is confident that she can provide the best consultation and services for all skin types. She aims to create a comfortable and welcoming space for her clients to rest and heal their body.

Anais offers a range of services designed to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, using only natural and organic products. She takes pride in educating her clients about the importance of natural ingredients and holistic practices in achieving healthy, glowing skin.

Anais Salguero
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