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Patricia McNeilly

Twin Flame Specialist & Ascension Expert

Patricia is an internationally recognized Twin Flame Specialist and Ascension Expert with 15 years of experience, offering unique healing services primarily through her developed modalities, Twin Flame Reconnection® and Twin Flame Body®. Transitioning from a successful career as a VP Mortgage Banker and Body Shop owner, Patricia found her true calling in spiritual and energy healing, particularly focusing on individuals experiencing spiritual awakenings and seeking deep soul connections. Her services aim to activate and balance clients, facilitating their reconnection to their 5D light bodies and enabling personal and relational healing.

Patricia offers a variety of services including Twin Flame Reconnection, Twin Flame Spirit Chats, and Twin Flame Coaching, alongside specialized sessions for inner child healing, past life regression, and mental health issues. She also conducts monthly webinars and personal coaching sessions on wellness, ascension, energy healing, and twin flames. Patricia's approach is holistic, incorporating her vast knowledge in nutrition, detox, and personal development into her healing practices.

Her work schedule is flexible, providing sessions from Monday to Saturday and hosting webinars on selected Sundays. Patricia works globally via Zoom, offering accessibility and convenience to clients worldwide. Her mission is to empower clients by removing energy blocks, enhancing self-love, and guiding them towards fulfilling relationships with their true twin flames.

Patricia McNeilly
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