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Mariah Wright

Fertility and Birth Doula & Herbal Tea Consultant

Mariah began her journey to become a doula in April of 2020 during her pregnancy with her 3rd child. She offers support and informs women of their options in having a birthing experience of their choice, starting even before conception all the way through to birth and beyond. 

Mariah had her first child at the age of 17 by cesarean. Each of her children after that were also born via cesarean. None of her cesareans were medically necessary and because of that, she felt like she was robbed of an experience that was her (w)right. Mariah believes that if you had a doula by her side that her choices would have been different and that she would have been able to experience birth the way she chose to.

Mariah's birthing and post-partum care experience lead her to focus more on women’s reproductive health, becoming a fertility and birth doula. Her journey and dedication to being a holistic fertility and birth doula is personal and would love to support you, baby and your growing family. 

Mariah Wright
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