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Egle Contreras

Life Skills Coach & Breathwork Facilitator

Meet Egle Contreras, the heart and soul behind Breath of Serenity. Egle's journey into the world of life skills coaching and breathwork therapy started during a transformative period in her life: being pregnant with quadruplets. Amidst the whirlwind of emotions, she discovered the profound power of being present, the immediate relief of breathwork, and the healing touch of connecting with others.

Since 2015, Egle has been on a mission to share these life-changing experiences with her community. Through meditation and breathwork workshops, women empowerment circles, healing retreats, and private coaching sessions, she guides individuals towards managing anxiety, overcoming stressful situations, battling depression, and finding solace in times of loneliness. Egle believes in the magic of breathwork to transform suppressed emotions and expand our capacity for joy, peace, connection, and love.

Beyond her role as a breathwork facilitator, Egle is a dedicated Human Resources professional. Here, she blends the corporate world's pursuit of efficiency, creativity, and employee engagement with the essential human needs for deeper connections, stress management, and self-awareness skills. Balancing her professional life with the joyous chaos of raising five children, Egle embodies resilience, empathy, and a profound understanding of the human experience.

In her workshops, Egle inspires others to discover their true potential, commit to their passions, and embrace the beauty of life's journey. With Egle by their side, individuals embark on a transformative path towards self-discovery, empowerment, and inner peace.

Life Skills Coaching Sessions: Egle offers personalized coaching sessions focused on life skills development, goal setting, mindfulness practices, and personal growth strategies.

Meditation and Breathwork Workshops: Egle conducts workshops where participants learn various meditation techniques, breathwork exercises, and relaxation methods to manage stress, enhance focus, and cultivate inner peace.

Mindfulness Education and Training: Egle provides education and training on mindfulness, helping individuals cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce anxiety, and improve overall well-being.

Personal Growth and Empowerment Sessions: Egle facilitates sessions aimed at empowering individuals to unlock their full potential, discover their passions, and create a meaningful life.

Stress Management and Emotional Wellness Programs: Egle offers programs focused on stress management techniques, emotional regulation skills, and tools for enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

Egle Contreras
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