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Christa Leigh

Financial Reader

 Meet Christa Leigh, our Financial Reader!

Christa was born on Clark AFB in the Philippines and grew up as an Air Force child, attending grade school in Germany and high school in Italy. She attended the University of Florida and New Mexico State, and has been a fully licensed financial planner since 2001.

Christa’s Personal Journey:

Navigating her way through life across continents, Christa had what she describes as her "dark night of the soul" between 2014 and 2018. In reassessing every aspect of her life, including her profession and personal relationships, she found solace and guidance in tarot and energy reading. Originally bound by the religious world she grew up in, her first deck of cards became a transformative experience. Christa has been reading tarot and energy for about 7 years and even studied with a professional medium in 2020.

Holistic Approach:

Christa combines her expertise in financial planning with energy work, aiming to help her clients navigate the complex landscape of financial services. She passionately believes that there's room for energy work in the rigid structure of the financial industry, focusing on helping people build a positive energetic relationship with their money.

 Outside of her work, Christa is a multi-faceted individual with a love for reading, writing fiction, and running marathons.

 If you're looking to navigate the confusing world of finance with a holistic touch, set up a reading with Christa today!

Christa Leigh
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