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Anne Savickas

Spiritual Advisor, Pranic Healer, & Energy Worker

Anne Savickas is a Registered Nurse, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Advisor, Pranic Healer, and Energy Worker. She has worked in hospital, outpatient, home health, corporate, and school settings throughout her career. She is passionate about the evolution of consciousness, advocating for divine sovereignty, and the respect for all of life. As a scientist, artist, and healer, she incorporates practical applications from fields of energy, consciousness, quantum physics, and spirituality with sound healing, folk, indigenous, holistic, and integrative medicine. By working with energy, frequency, and vibration, she helps empower others in enhancing and restoring their own balance and harmony of body, mind, spirit, and soul. Anne is a Ceremonial Leader, speaker, and regularly facilitates Drum/Gong Circles, Guided Meditations, various workshops, classes and retreats that promote wellness, personal empowerment, and healing.


Anne Savickas
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